Our Mission
We strive to provide the smoothest food-oriented eCommerce platform.
Our History
FancyFoodCart was born the SEO Cart in 2001. In 2012 we re-branded our product the FancyFoodCart to highlight our commitment to features supporting the food industry.
What Do We Do?
We write software to give your customers a hassle-free online purchasing experience.
Our Company's Values
We believe in building customer loyalty by treating our customers with special care.
How To Get Support?
Call us today at (831) 621-3788 or email us at
Why Choose Us?
For over 10 years we have developed modular features to meet the needs of our customers. We have a mature product backed by a team of versatile creative professionals. We know food, we know scheduling, we know shipping and we know software.

Call us today at (831) 621-3788 or email us at

We strive to provide the smoothest, most hassle-free online purchase experience for FancyFoodCart.
Christian Marcotte, CEO, Chief Architect

Christian Marcotte

Christian founded Mind in Motion Technology and created the SEO Cart / FancyFoodCart in 2001. He is the CEO and Chief Architect of the eCommerce platform.

Guillermo Payet, Senior System Architect

Guillermo Payet

Guillermo has designed food-oriented eCommerce platforms since 1998. He has been involved with FancyFoodCart since 2002 as Senior System Architect.

Melody Scott, Marketing & Customer Support

Melody Scott

Melody has worked with FancyFoodCart since 2006, helping customers and doing website management, along with designing and managing online catalogs and marketing campaigns.

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