Premier Food E-Commerce

FancyFoodCart uniquely fulfills the needs of the food industry: perishable goods, nutritional info, special diets, ingredients, refrigeration and preparation instruction. Some of our features include:

Product Management

  • Advanced Options
  • Food information: Perishable/shelf stable, Nutrition information table, Diets, Ingredients, Storage and Reheat instruction
  • Short and Detailed Product Descriptions
  • 50 customizable description field per category
  • 15 category specific product page description field (useful when you sell the same product under multiple categories and want to have a category specific intro ex: vegetarian vs low-sodium diet).
  • Customizable URL and file name (make meaningful URLs that are also SEO friendly!)
  • Customizable Titles and Meta Tags On Every Page
  • 60 customizable product description fields for each product page
  • 60 customizable SKU description field
  • Control Product Ordering in each category
  • Bulk import / export
  • Bulk product and price editing
  • Multiple images and image sizes
  • Versatile ship pricing on a per product basis and/or combined with a cart/order shipping calculation
  • Retail, Wholesale, MSRP pricing
  • Volume pricing / Price schedules: For certain products you may want to offer volume pricing EX: qty 1-10: $20 qty 10-50: $18 qty 100+: $15
  • Tax exempt option
  • Hide any product
  • Wholesale account can restrict what products are available in the wholesale order form
  • This empowers small chains to control what products their individual stores can order from you
  • Support for Kits / Bundles / composite skus support: Ex: a gift basket product in the cart may translate into 10 different items to be packed at the warehouse
  • Inventory control
  • Real-time stock status (total and for each warehouse)
  • "Low Stock" notifications
  • Inventory Management Reports

Multi-Channel Sales

  • Retail web catalog
  • Sales (add-to-cart) from Recipe catalog
  • Wholesale web console
  • Phone orders console
  • Email / Newsletter with direct add to cart links
  • Feeder / Specialized and 3rd party hosted catalog sites with direct add-to-cart link
  • 3rd party full catalog system with add-to-cart to FancyFoodCart
  • 3rd party full order processing (catalog/cart/payment) and transmit order for fulfillment via CSV or web-services integration.

  Premier Scheduling

Intelligent options, from customers picking delivery dates to automatic ship scheduling that avoids food spoiling in shipment over weekends and holidays.

  Premier Shipping

FancyFoodCart provides everything you need to run your own professional pick & pack warehouse and shipping center, or you can simply ship from your garage. Use your mouse and get 1-click shipping right from your laptop. When volume requires it, you can streamline your operation with barcode scanners and then you're just one BLIP away from shipping orders!

Versatile Shipping Options

Special needs? No Problem! We can develop a custom packing estimator and shipping calculation module to meet the unique needs of your business. Handle shipping in the way that best fits your particular business:

  • Ship using FEDEX, UPS, USPS or your carrier of choice (local carriers, freight shipping)
  • Pre-populated Fedex/UPS/USPS shipping console with necessary customer info, and an electronic scale auto-enters the weight
  • ONE-CLICK print shipping label, update inventory, update order status and notify customer of order shipped with tracking number
  • print on a standard laser printer or a specialized label printer
  • Support for professional electronic (USB) shipping scales
  • Dynamically calculate accurate shipping costs as customers add products to their cart using live UPS / FEDEX integration
  • Calculate accurate shipping costs for orders fulfilled from multiple warehouses / distributors, with support for individual warehouse / distributor ship tracking information
  • Let the customer pick their exact delivery date in the cart. No spoiled food order sitting on the porch over the weekend!
  • System has per day and shipping service cutoff time so you can maximize your same day shipping experience and make your customers very happy!
  • Configurable dry-ice weight calculation based on ship destination
  • Intelligent order ship scheduling based on requested delivery date, weekend / holidays ship destination and inventory
  • Trouble order reports, service/ship_date inconsistency, missing some items
  • One-click pre-print ALL outstanding individual orders pick list (for current or future date)
  • Pre-print full daily pick-list
  • Scanner / barcode or manual order packing validation
  • Scanner / barcode or manual order_id entry to automatically open build-in FEDEX / UPS OR USPS shipping console

Order Ship Validation Check

With FancyFoodCart you can easily prevent shipping errors. If the status or ship date of an order was changed (through the OMS) between the time you print the packing list and the time you come to print the shipping label, the system will prevent the printing with a warning message that the order is no longer scheduled to ship that day! The system will also warn you if an order has already been shipped to prevent double shipments.

Your daily shipping is summarized in simple, fast, hassle-free, error-free steps!

1-click print all orders for the day. When you're done, reload the "ship today report" and print all new orders for today since your last batch printing.

  1. Pack orders and put them on the scale
  2. Scan the barcode on the order packing list (OR click on the order in the console OR enter the order number)
  3. Built-in carrier ship console comes up with all the information pre-loaded
  4. ONE-CLICK: the UPS/FEDEX/USPS label is printed, order status is changed to complete and customer is notified with tracking info

  All-In-One Platform

FancyFoodCart includes multi-channel eCommerce, OMS, warehouse, inventory & shipping management, and CRM, all on one platform.

Order Management

Your customer service staff has a wealth of tools at their finger tips including Retail, Wholesale, 3rd Party and Phone order E-commerce tools; an advanced order management system (OMS) supporting multi-warehouse fulfillment, order edits, and phone orders console; Inventory and Warehouse management, Ship Scheduling, 1-click label printing and customer notification; CRM tools to pamper your customers, data mine order info to create personalized customer promotions; and more:

  • Manage multi-channel sales
  • Advanced order approval, review and authorization
  • Credit card fraud prevention & management module
  • gift certificate fraud prevention & management module
  • Built-in order & client validation tools for suspicious orders
  • Complete phone order console
  • On-the-fly order modifications
  • Support for multiple warehouses, distributors, pick & pack facilities and drop shipping centers.
  • Multi-location inventory reporting and fulfillment management
  • Single order multi-location fulfillment support
  • Out-of-stock orders management
  • Backorders and Waiting Lists: Allow customers to buy items that are out-of-stock (backorder) and sign up to waiting lists
  • Reports on orders that were abandoned after failed credit card transaction
  • Turn a failed on-line purchase experience into a highlight of proactive customer support by calling the customer and offering assistance with the checkout process. It works miracles with older people!

Inventory Management

Intuitive inventory management tools enable your staff to organize and monitor inventory:

  • Real-time Multi-location inventory and Fulfillment
  • Kits / Bundles / composite skus support
  • Automatic Re-Ordering triggers and reordering list
  • Real-time sku stock info: items-sold-queue, stock, available-to-sell, backorder-date, last-30-days
  • Track stock location in the warehouse
  • Both inventory and non-inventory items support
  • Demand managment and prediction with past 30 days sku sales report

Business Management

Our business management tools provide access to several handy features including:

  • Authorize, capture and refund from Store Manager
  • Credit card gateway with
  • Choose from hundreds of banks and merchant account providers
  • Quickbooks integration (1)
  • Fine tune your site and product offering with our transparent integration with Google Analytics and Visistat
  • Sales statistics reports
  • Wholesale customers support and wholesale pricing
  • Web SVC integration of warehouse and 3rd-party orders
  • Catalog export
  • Real-time stock status and optional out-of-stock orderability configured on a per-sku basis
  • Customize to your business process
  • We can create any custom module you may need

Customer Relationship Management

Provide the smoothest, most hassle-free online purchase experience with FancyFoodCart. Build a customer loyalty by treating them with special care:

  • Accept orders over the phone with our friendly phone order console
  • Fast, no-hassle 1-page checkout
  • Offer special discounts, promos & coupon codes to frequent customers
  • Remember your customer, greet them by name in the shopping cart
  • View order histories
  • 1-click reorder makes re-ordering a cinch
  • Data mining of past orders to send relevant mailers to existing customers
  • Transparent integration with leading email newsletter provider Vertical Response
  • Delivery dates: Let customers choose when they want their order delivered to avoid spoiled food left at the door when the customer has left
  • Order out-of-stock items: Let customers know when an item will be back in stock and give them the option to order it now (back order)
  • Automatically remember billing address and last 10 shipping addresses
  • For existing customers, automatically pre-fill the billing / shipping fields at checkout
  • Allow customers to enter a gift card message with the order
  • No pre-registration before checkout or getting shipping quotes (we get that info from the checkout page)
  • No click here, register for that, look at this on the checkout page
  • Optional registrations (newsletter, promotion, etc.) done after transaction is complete
  • Shipping address validation: Avoid late/lost orders items and spoiled food shipments
  • Fun, fast, clear, simple, no-hassle checkout = low cart abandonment rate and happy customers!

Wholesale Order Console

Easily accept wholesale customers on your website with our Wholesale Account Console. As your business grows, you'll be relieved to let wholesale customers login to their account to view specials, review and track orders, review past orders and reorder all on their own. You'll also save overhead against the additional staff required to accommodate such growth. The wholesale account console offers a wealth of features:

  • Display special messages and promotions just for wholesalers
  • View order history
  • Easy reorder the same items as previous orders
  • Optional limited order form (for store chains that want to restrict what their individual stores can order)
  • Credit Card and Term payments configurable on a per wholesaler basis

  Customer Satisfaction

The FancyFoodCart is built from the ground up to empower a positive customer support experience. We provide a unique and memorable customer support experience, along with the tools to turn a disgruntled customer into a loyal one. Nothing in the e-commerce industry can make your business stand out from the crowd as much as a positive customer support experience.

Order Management System

Your customer service staff has a wealth of tools at their finger tips:

  • Monitor failed credit card transactions and rescue lost sales immediately by calling the customer to assist checkout. This works wonders with elderly clients, or clients unfamiliar with e-commerce
  • Help a customer with an existing order: View, modify or cancel
  • Issue a full or partial refund or add additional charges in one click directly from the console (Credit cards, Gift Certificates)
  • View a customer's order history and help them reorder
  • Accept alternate payments (cash, check, wire transfer)
  • Issue store credit in the form of a Gift Certificate
  • View, edit, modify, print or email a customer's gift certificate, or answer questions about past transactions

Phone Orders Console

Accept orders on the phone with our streamlined phone order console:

  • Quickly locate an existing customer's account
  • View existing orders and payments (for fast reordering)
  • Quickly take in a new phone order with the streamlined ordering all the while having access all the product details at your fingertips
  • Admin enable free shipping
  • Admin allow checkout without payment
  • Apply administrative surcharge / discounts
  • Accept alternate online or offline payments (checks, term payments, wire transfer, cash etc.)

  Complete Customization

Every customer-facing component can be customized to match your desired aesthetic, and business processes can be tailored to match your specific needs.

Your Look & Feel

With FancyFoodCart you have full control over the branding, look and feel of your site:

  • Complete Creative Control Every single aspect of FancyFoodCart website is fully customizable through HTML & CSS templates. Match FancyFoodCart to your look & feel, not the other way around!
  • Global & Product-Specific Templates For ultimate versatility, setup a different template for each category or override the template for any individual product page. No other system gives you the same versatility to create a product catalog just the way you want.
  • 3rd-Party Catalog Support If that's not enough and you want to create your own catalog system, go right ahead! We will give you the "Add to Cart" codes and you can use your own in-house catalog generation system.
  • Recipe Catalog Using the same versatile template based phylosophy, we offer a Recipe system to highlight your food products and boost your sales with direct "add-to-cart" links in the ingredients section.
  • Want More Than One Site? Some customers create micro-sites to optimize search engines, or create specialized landing pages (for special diets, special groups etc.). With FancyFoodCart, you can have multiple micro-sites all adding items to the cart on your main site. You can also easily create email newsletters and blurbs on other websites with "add to cart" links to your site.

  Technical Features

Our product endeavors to follow technical best-practices at every turn:

Hosting & Security

  • Most reliable hosting in the industry with Rackspace and their trademark "Fanatical Support!"
  • PCI compliance
  • SSL/HTTPS connections to the administration consoles
  • Secure FTP connection to your website
  • Gift Certificate Fraud Prevention / Management module
  • Advanced Credit Card Fraud Prevetion / Management module

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

FancyFoodCart was originally named "SEO Cart" and for good reason:

  • Fully search engine friendly
  • Fully customize your URLs and filenames for optimum SEO results
  • Full control of all page content and meta information (title, meta-tags, etc.)
  • Support for canonical links to avoid duplicate indexing of products that show up in multiple categories
  • Static html catalog (for fast loading and maximum search engine compatibility)
  • Cookie session management to avoid session encoding in URL (which confuses search engines and customers alike)
  • Unique SEO Affiliate system that creates 100% SEO-rich links to your site, unlike other affiliate systems
  • Dedicated IP Address: Having your own IP address is really important, some search engines could ban a site based on the IP address and this could affect other non-related websites sharing the same IP.
  • Search Engine Optimized catalog: produce merchant feed (XML/Atom) for Google Base product search optimization

Installation & Setup

We will help you as much or as little as you need to get your business on-line and taking orders:

  • We setup the server space and software
  • We configure your dedicated IP address
  • We setup your SSL certificate for you
  • We help you acquire a domain name if needed
  • We help you setup your email hosting if needed
  • We help you get a Merchant Account
  • We configure your payment gateway for you
  • We work with your graphics designer, or we can provide one and work hand-in-hand to customize your product catalog, recipe catalog and shopping cart
  • We help you organize your categories, products, skus and composite / bundle / kit products
  • We help you set up your product inventory and warehouse(s), even if your warehouse is also called your garage at first!
  • We custom-tailor and integrate the FancyFoodCart system to your existing systems and business processes
  • We help you identify the most cost-efficient shipping strategy
  • If needed, we will write a custom packing estimator and ship cost estimator module to support your very own mix of special products, mixed warehouses and different shipping requirements products (ex: shelf stable vs refrigerated / frozen products)
  • We provide extremely reliable, secure PCI-compliant hosting through Rackspace
  • We setup your secure FTP access (for advanced users and web designers)
  • We train you on the easy, web-based system administration
  • We help you with bulk product imports

  More Features

User generated content, like product reviews, are key to your success. Shoppers trust other shoppers opinions and their independent reviews to make purchasing decisions. Additional features of FancyFoodCart include:

  • Product Reviews & User-Generated Content
  • Customizable email templates
  • Newsletter Management: Use the newsletter capability to broadcast personalized e-mails and offers to your clients. Customers can subscribe and unsubscribe to your e-mail newsletter at any time

Anything You Need As your business grows you will want special features to support your latest marketing idea, business process and partnerships. No worries! We constantly create new custom features and modules for our customers. Just let us know what you need and we will make it happen for you!

(1)    quickbooks integration through third party connector software. Custom integration required.


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